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  • Female-Led | Community Impact Programs | Canadian ingredients | Ontario Made member | Volunteer with Lake Huron Coastal Cleanup | Volunteer with Pathways (children with disabilities clinic)
  • What are Bitters? Bitters are aromatic, alcohol-based infusions of botanicals and flavoring agents like fruit peels, spices, dried flowers, herbs and dried roots. Classified as a flavor enhancer, you could think of them as seasoning for your cocktail. Administered in drops or dashes they can intensify the flavor of other ingredients, decrease the harshness of the spirits/alcohol in your cocktail and round out an overly sweet beverage. Bitters can also help to cleanse the palate and aid in digestion.

    Fireside Orange Bitters:
    Bright and fresh orange bitter with hints of cardamon, clove and slightly sweetened with local honey. Orange bitters can add a citrusy and aromatic dimension to various drinks.
    Pair with classic cocktails like Old Fashioned, Martini, Manhattan, Margarita or Gin & Tonic. Use in mocktails or sparkling water. Add to a wheat beer.
    Ingredients: Orange peel, alcohol, water, spices, bittering agents and honey.

    Lake Fever Lavender Bitters:
    Distinct floral aroma and flavor that is bright and sweet, complemented by fresh mint honey and lemon notes.
    Pair with Lavender Gin & Tonic, Lavender Martini, Lavender Margarita. Add a few drops to a Champagne Cocktail, non-alcoholic lemonade or mocktails.
    Ingredients: Lavender, alcohol, water, spices, bittering agents and honey.

    Northern Attitude Maple Bitters: Vanilla, all spices and notes of cinnamon with bitterness coming through at the finish.
    Pair With creamy cocktails or bourbon, whisky and rum based cocktails like Whisky Sours, Mint Juleps, or the Old Fashioned. Use in morning coffee or in baking recipes as a replacement for vanilla extract.
    Ingredients: Maple syrup, alcohol, water, walnuts, spices, and bittering agents.

    Morning Fog Coffee Bitters: A rich and perky blend of coffee and chocolate with a complex undertone of dark spices.
    Pair to elevate the flavors in an Espresso Martini, White Russian, Irish Coffee or in your favorite rum, bourbon or whiskey cocktail. Can also be used in baking,  hot chocolate, cold coffee, or drizzled over vanilla ice cream.
    Ingredients: Coffee beans, alcohol, water, cacao nibs, spices, bittering agents and molasses.

    Coastal Lime Bitters: The taste of fresh citrus and hops is followed by the lasting bitterness of gentian.
    Pair with Vodka-Soda, Gin & Tonic, Mojito, or a Moscow Mule for an extra burst of citrusy goodness. Great for mocktails, sparkling water or use in homemade vinaigrettes.
    Ingredients: Lime peel, alcohol, water, spices, bittering agents and organic cane sugar.

    Tippy Canoe Pineapple: The taste of fresh pineapple blended with toasted coconut is complimented by notes of brown sugar and all spice. 
    Pari with classics like the Pina Colada, Mojito or a Daiquiri.  Elevate the taste of mocktails, iced tea or lemonade, giving them a non-alcoholic tiki punch. 
    Ingredients: Pineapple, alcohol, water, coconut, spices, bittering agents and sugar.

    Huron Aromatic: A delicious blend of fruit peels, spices, bittering roots and barks. The aroma of baking spices is complimented by the complex flavor of all spice, peppercorn, clove and cassia.
    Pair with cocktails such as the Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Sours or any cocktail calling for aromatic bitters. Use to enhance a Champagne Cocktails, Mai Tai's or the Old Cuban.
    Ingredients: Alcohol, water, natural flavoring, spices, bittering agents and honey.
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Blue Coast Bitters is a small batch craft cocktail bitters manufacturer from Sarnia, Ontario. We produce our bitters from all natural ingredients, most of which are purchased from local suppliers and farmers. Our mission is to produce and share exceptional bitters while creating a business that celebrates the richness of Canadian life along the shores of Lake Huron.

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