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Diffuser Oil

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  • Active plant botanicals represent nature’s intricate design for influencing our emotions and well-being. Beyond crafting bespoke fragrances, these natural wonders possess the power to uplift moods, alleviate stress, and enhance relaxation. Through the refined art of aromatherapy, we have created effect-based formulations that are tailored to meet your specific needs, be it improved focus, reduced stress, or deeper rest.

    Morning Sunshine Diffuser Oil: Alert, Awake & Refreshed. 
    Awaken to the vibrant embrace of our 'Morning Sunshine' blend, designed to invigorate and uplift your spirits. Infused with nature's zest and serenity, this blend sets the perfect tone for a day filled with clarity and energy. Immerse yourself in a morning melody that captures the essence of a new dawn. Best time of the day to use: Anytime!
    10ml | 0.33oz 
    Scents: Sun-kissed oranges and lemons, with sweet undertones. Crisp pine forest and lavender, that includes grounding notes of spicy black pepper and cloves.

    Clear & Focused Diffuser Oil: 
    Attention & Focus.

    Sharpen your senses with our 'Clear and Focused' blend, curated to elevate clarity and concentration. Infused with nature's finest, this blend ignites creativity and anchors your thoughts, making it an ally for work or recreational pursuits. Revel in a botanical tapestry that empowers your moments of focus. Best time of the day to use: Anytime!
    10ml | 0.33oz 
    Scents: Crisp essence of pine forest. The subtle warmth of a floral garden. A burst of invigorating peppermint that includes delicate undertones of sweet orange. 

    Diffuse & Chill Diffuser Oil: Unwind, Relax, Meditate & De-stress.
    Find your oasis of calm with our 'Diffuse and Chill' blend, meticulously crafted to guide you toward relaxation and inner harmony. Let this blend elevate your meditation, alleviate anxiety, and transport you to a tranquil sanctuary. Experience nature's gentle embrace, perfect for moments of reflection and peace. Best time of the day to use: Anytime!
    10ml | 0.33oz 
    Scents: An invigorating scent of eucalyptus, with an earthy embrace inspired by hops and woody undertones. Whispers of Citrus and the sweet allure of grapefruit weave together to warp your senses of tranquility.

    Goodnight Diffuser Oil: Deep Relaxation, Sleep & Rest.
    Embrace the serenity of the night with our 'Good Night' blend, designed to lull you into a peaceful slumber and rejuvenating rest. Let nature's finest essences cradle your senses, setting the stage for dreamy tranquillity. Dive into a symphony of botanical wonders, perfect for a restful evening. Best time of the day to use: Night time
    10ml | 0.33oz 
    Scents: Soft, floral lavender, with gentle hints of cinnamon apples and lilacs. Crisp pine forest, grounded with spicy lemongrass and clove. Sweet and earthy undertones inspired by a spa atmosphere.

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At Rain, we firmly stand against the common adversaries of modern life: drama, fatigue, and daily stress. We understand the toll these elements can take on your well-being, and it's our mission to counteract them with solutions that bring balance and rejuvenation.


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