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Beeswax Wraps

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  • Our mission is to work towards encouraging conscious consumerism within the surrounding communities. By providing cost- efficient and zero-waste products as well as educational material, we ensure a holistic approach towards low-waste living.

    Female-led | BIPOC | Neurodivergent | Community Impact Programs | Sustainable Product Packaging | Inclusion of UN Sustainability & Development Goals, Cruelty-free ingredients | Plastic Neutral | Sustainable and/or transparent supply chains

    UN SDG Alignment: Good Health and Well Being | Sustainable Cities & Communities | Responsible Consumption & Production
  • A great alternative to cling wrap, these wraps are made with 100% organic and sustainably sourced beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil. The base cloth is 100% organic cotton which is also locally sourced.

    Both beeswax and pine resin have anti-bacterial properties so you don't have to worry about your food going stale any faster than using normal cling wrap. In fact, beeswax wraps can prolong the life of whatever you are wrapping a few days more than the latter.

    3 Pack includes sizes: 14"x14" | 10"x10" | 8"x8"

    NOTE: Not suitable to be used with raw meat as there are risks of contamination, with liquids or anything noticeably hot. 

    To Store: Simply rinse/wipe down with cold water. You can also use suds from a mild dish detergent and then rinse with cold water. 

  • Market Suggested Retail Price - $26.00


My focus is on encouraging conscious consumerism as well as making kitchen and wellness sustainability more affordable. Over the years, I have realized the financial cost of leading an eco-friendly life to be one of the main barriers to accessing it and I want to change the game by not only providing cost-effective options, but also sharing tools and knowledge that will allow the surrounding communities to gain expertise in creating the same eco-friendly alternatives for themselves.


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