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Chocolate Bar | Always Collection

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  • Female-led | Sustainable Product Packaging | Sustainable and/or transparent supply chains (ex. single origin) | Plastic Neutral

    UN SDG Alignment: Gender Equality | Decent Work & Economic Growth |  Responsible Consumption & Production | Life on Land
  • Always Collection
    Milky Milk: Milk Chocolate made with a lot more milk, and lot less sugar. The resulting bar is rich milk chocolate with delightful little bits of cocoa bean inside it.
    Ingredients: Cacao Butter*, Whole Milk Powder, Monte Grande Guatemala Cacao Beans*, Cane Sugar*. * = Certified Organic. May Contain Traces of: Peanuts, Almond, Cashew. 
    Gold Bar: 
    Golden-hued white chocolate that is not-too-sweet, and tastes of salted butter toffee. Each ingredient is caramelized before being ground. This is one of our bestselling bars!
    Ingredients: Cocoa Butter*, Cane Sugar*, Whole Milk Powder, Sea Salt.* = Certified Organic. May Contain Traces of: Peanuts, Almond, Cashew. 
    Maya Mountain: 
    Exceptional organic cocoa beans (70%) from Maya Mountain Cooperative in Belize. 
    Ingredients: *Cocoa Bean, Sugar (*Cane Sugar), Cocoa Butter. * = Organic
    Ugandan Vanilla + Sea Salt: 
    60% Dark with Directly Traded Ugandan Vanilla and Sea Salt. Creamy and dreamy. A very light sprinkle of salt to gently enhance the vanilla and rich chocolate flavour of this bean.
    Ingredients: *Cacao Bean, Sugars (*Cane Sugar), Cocoa Butter, Sea Salt, *Vanilla. * = Organic
    Semuliki Forest:
    80% Ugandan Dark Chocolate Made of single-origin cacao beans from the Semuliki Forest in Western Uganda, this bar has a flavour profile of cinnamon, fig, and chocolate cookies. About the Origin: Located in Bundibugyo, Western Uganda, Semuliki Forest cacao is grown by 1,002 organic smallholder farmers in the region, 52% of whom are women. Latitude Trade Co. (LTC), the company that processes and exports this cacao, has organized 6 rural collection points for farmers to access, where they sell fresh cacao weekly into the network and receive cash at the point of sale.
    Ingredients: Semuliki Forest Ugandan Cocoa Beans*, Cane Sugar*, Cocoa Butter. * = Certified Organic. May Contain Traces of: Peanuts, Almond, Cashew. 
    It takes about a week to go from bean to bar, but it is a labour of love that produces excellent quality chocolate with simple ingredients that we know you will love!
  • Market Suggested Retail Price - $12+


Goldie Craft Chocolate believes that as conscious consumers, we do not need to compromise our ethics, in order to experience the pleasure of good chocolate! What chocolate provides is truly unique - a memory, a moment of celebration, a comforting solace. However, underneath all of this deliciousness, lies a history of chocolate farming and manufacturing that is uncertain and unethical for the majority of the worlds five million cacao farmers. Our aim is to make great chocolate, but to do so by putting the change we wish to see worldwide, into practice.


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