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Chocolate Bar(s)

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  • Woman-Owned | Waste-free Kitchen

    Community Events including Devoured, bringing the love of chocolate and reading together.
  • Small: 5” x 1.25”

    Candied Ginger: ohhhh this ginger bar is amazing!  It has both pieces of crystallized ginger and ginger sugar, you will love it as much as Colleen.

    Salted Caramelized Biscuits:  It's super crazy awesome and then it gets even better because there's Maldon Flake salt in it....and then biscuits!  Not just one type of chocolate biscuits but many types!

    Cookies and Cream: A childhood favourite that has been redone for adulting. Using high end and super tasty white chocolate and cookie crumbs complemented by dark chocolate covered biscuits! Delish!

    Dark & Salty: It's my signature dark chocolate blend along with Maldon Flake salt from a locally owned boutique store called Evoolution. If you're a fan of sweet and salty then this is for you!

    Dark Coffee: This bar is luscious, no really - this is the word that must be used for this bar.  There's so much going on and your mouth will be lit up! Coffee is from Alternate Route Coffee - we're using their Columbian blend 

  • Market Suggested Retail Price - $5.00


All of Colleen’s bars are an artistic creation in appearance and taste, flavours are chosen to provide the best complementing combinations and provide a unique and truly exciting experience.

Colleen from Colleen’s Chocolate is a chocolatier here in Edmonton. Truly an artist, her chocolates boast novel flavours designed to be an experience, not just chocolate. Sourcing ingredients as much as possible from local vendors, Colleen values the vibrancy that Edmonton has to offer and works to incorporate the tones of our community into her chocolate design. Connection is important to Colleen and these values come through in her chocolates.


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