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Gluten Free Flour

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  • My Favorite Gluten Free 1:1 Flour: I leave xanthan gum out as each recipe needs a different amount of xanthan gum or not at all. This way the baker can adjust. The back of the package gives a good rule of thumb on how much to add. Product Individually hand packed by a local celiac, in a AHS approved kitchen.
    Ingredients: GF Brown Rice Flour, GF White Rice Flour, GF Potato Starch, GF Tapioca Starch
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When celiac hit our family, I did not want gluten free family members to miss out on traditions and great food. I had to figure out HOW to make gluten free food 'taste like home'! I am happy to say that the gluten & dairy free baking mixes have great flavour, texture and taste like my Mom and Gram's baking when I grew up. It is my hope that the baking mixes brings some great smells and joy into other local gluten free families homes.

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