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Herbal Tea

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  • Sustainable Product Packaging | Sustainable and/or transparent supply chains (ex. single origin)
    Equity representation: Female-led

    UN SDG Alignment: Responsible Consumption & Production

    Not only is it important to us to use high quality organic ingredients which are free of any chemical pesticides or residue, we also believe these herbs should come from the land around us. We support small family-run farms with sustainable earth-friendly practices. Our suppliers consider quality and fair life of utmost importance and we value our relationships with local Farmers.

    Our packaging is made from 100% backyard compostable material, In fact We have eliminated all plastics from packaging and shipping all together in the last year.
  • Sweet Dreams: From lavender to rose petals, lemon balm to licorice root, every gentle ingredient will help relax your head right into your pillow. So, go ahead and turn the lights down and get tucked right in for some well-deserved zzz’s. 
    Ingredients: Lavender, Spearmingt, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Rose Petals, Licorice Root
    36g | 30 Servings
    Relax and Renew: Aren’t those the two words we’re all craving right now? Yes and yes, so let’s brew some softening flower petals and potent herbs to shake that stress from our shoulders and feel a soft sense of peace warm up to any anxiety we’re feeling. Take in a deep inhale, let out a long exhale, let it steep and let it go.
    Ingredients: Chamomile, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Cornflower
    30 g | 30 Servings
    Immune Defence: Immune Defence is a bit of a medic in a bag, really. Heavenly peppermint, orange and cinnamon greet you kindly while medicinal herbs like ginger, ginkgo and echinacea go to work strengthening white blood cells, lifting your immune system and pulling you out of bed quicker. It’s a must-have tea when you feel something coming on or getting you down.
    Ingredients: Peppermint, Echinacea Leaf and Root, Orange Peel, Ginkgo, Ginger, Nettle, Cinnamon, Rose Hips
    56g | 30 Servings
    Hibiscus Punch:
    Tropical shades of flowering hibiscus take the lead in this perfect summer punch. With a pinch of orange and a pop of lemon, it’s entirely up to you if it’s tastiest hot or cold (we pick both!)
    Ingredients: Hibiscus, Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Rose Hips
    76g | 30 Servings
    Stomach Smooth: 
    If your stomach is in a storm, let’s call on some of the herbs that can calm it down: ginger, peppermint, licorice root and lemongrass. These powerhouse plants go to work coating and soothing your stomach to ease up on digestion (ick!), nausea (groan!) and gas (blush!). Feel better, and flow better, with our stomach sooth.
    Ingredients: Peppermint, Ginger, Lemongrass, Licorice
    60g | 30 Serving
    Lemon Ginger Tulsi:
    Tulsi (also called Holy Basil) is a revered Indian herb with a health perks list longer than we can even begin to put in print. Pour yourself a mug of our tulsi blend of Krishna, Rama and Vana along with puckery lemon and fresh ginger to feel it for yourself!
    Ingredients: Tulsi blend of Rama Van and Krishna, Ginger, Lemongrass, Lemon Peel
    50 g | 30 Servings
    Knock Out: 
    If sleep is a distant dream, this brew needs to be a permanent splash in your cupboard.Valerian root, Lemon balm and lavender shhhhhh! the mental clanging of a noisy mind. A cup or two within two hours of lights out will become the best part of your nightly ritual.
    Ingredients: Valerian Root, Lemon Balm, Spearmint, Lavender, Orange Peel
    56g | 30 Servings
    These natural herbs are some of the greatest caregivers you’ll find for your monthly rhythm and there is no end to how this balancing tea champions you all month long. 
    Ingredients: Red Clover, Spearmint, Orange Peel, Hibiscus, Rose Petal, Raspberry Leaf, Vitex Berries, Alfalfa, Nettle, Yarrow, Oatstraw, Lemon Balm, Fennel
    48g | 30 Servings
    Golden Tonic: The golden glow of this twist on a classic fills our cups up night or day. With the deep yellows of turmeric alongside snug cinnamon, warming ginger root and tangy lemongrass, it’s a cup you’ll come back to time and time again.
    Ingredients: Turmeric, Cinnamon, Ginger, Lemongrass
    140g | 30 Servings
    Sunny Days Iced Tea: Welcome to the sunny side with this perfect, little medley of mellow honey bush, peppy mint and citrus zip. Served best with a full jug of ice cubes and a few friends.
    Ingredients: Honey Bush, Spearmint, Lemon Peel
    70g | Makes 6L
    Wild Orange: Orange is as bright and airy a taste as it gets, but sips even better alongside golden spices, crisp plants and wild herbs like spearmint, turmeric and licorice root.
    Ingredients: Orange Peel, Blackberry Leaf, Spearmint, Ginger, Rose Hips, Lemongrass, Hibiscus, Licorice and Turmeric
    60g | 30 Servings
    Daily Detox: Ready set reboot. Remove excess toxins and balance your body naturally with this blend of detoxifying herbs like dandelion, red clover and nettle.
    Ingredients: Rooibos, Dandelion Leaf and Root, Nettle, Red Clover, Burdock Root
    65g | 30 Servings
    Inner Glow: Start glowing deep with this perfectly potent blend which is all about stirring your circulation, cleansing your blood, upping antioxidants, balancing hormones and caring for your complexion.
    Ingredients: Rooibos, Dandelion Root, Vitex Berries, Orange Peel, Hibiscus
    80g | 30 Servings
    Apple Cinnamon: Apple and spice and everything nice! This is a cup of that with just a hint of chamomile to carry you through autumn on a pleasant little tea cloud.
    Ingredients: Chamomile, Cinnamon, apple
    60g | 30 Servings
    Mothers Helper: Herbs are here to breathe fresh air into your body anytime, but they especially come to the rescue after labour and delivery. From gentle calendula and oat straw to dandelion and nettle, the list is long of how many natural ingredients are here to lift your energy, give you a sense of stability and offer a greater sense of wellbeing post-pregnancy.
    Ingredients: Raspberry Leaf, Nettle, Rooibos, Chamomile, Oatstraw, Calendula, Dandelion Leaf, Hibiscus, Echinacea Leaf and Root
    36g | 30 Servings
    The Fella's: A peppy tea with natural herbs to promote a strong immune system, better digestion and a proactive approach in a man’s life. Your future self will thank you for drinking these healthy herbs daily.
    Ingredients: Peppermint, Echinacea, Burdock Root, Saw Palmetto, Clove
    80g | 30 Servings
    Echinacea + Elderflower: These two are a potent pair with a floral feel. Echinacea is well known as an immune stimulant (giving you a much-needed boost especially heading into winter), but also takes away toxins, cleanses your blood and fights off infection, bacteria, virus, fungus and microbes. Meanwhile, elderflowers take care of respiratory troubles like inflammation, congestion and allergies.
    Ingredients: Locally Grown, Organic, Echinacea and Elderflower *Echinacea purpurea & pallida, Sambuca nigra

    45g | 30 Servings

    60g/30 Servings

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Inspired by the Earth and plants around us and the ancient traditions which were used as prevention, maintenance and restoration, we began to learn the ancient art of herbalism. As we started to introduce herbs, we began to feel a deeper connection to earth and nature and bring balance into our lives. Through Bush Berry, we aim to share with you our hand crafted tea blends and invite you to join in on our clean, fair and healthy tea journey, one cup at a time. Thank you for choosing sustainable, quality tea from a small, female owned and independent business.


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