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Infusion Kits

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  • Moira Rosé Sangria: Fuse with · rosé, white, red wine or water.
    Rosebuds, cranberries, pineapples & lemons with organic cane sugar

    Nacho Average Spicy Margarita: Fuse with · tequila or water.
    Strawberries, peaches, limes & chili peppers with organic cane sugar

    Garden Party: Fuse with · gin, vodka, whisky, tequila
    or water.

    Apples, cherries & saskatoon berries with organic cane sugar

    Feeling Spritzy: 
    Fuse with· rosé, white, red wine
    Wine spritzer, cherries, oranges, pears & hibiscus flowers with organic cane sugar. 

    Day Drinker: 
    Fuse with · gin, vodka, tequila or water
    Strawberries, peaches, lemons, elderberries & mint with organic cane sugar.

    Hammock Time: 
    Fuse with · whisky, rum, bourbon, gin,
    vodka, tequila or water.
    Pineapples, oranges, lemons & coconut with organic cane sugar.

    Aperitivo Wine Spritz: 
    Fuse with · vodka or water & top with
    sparkling wine.
    Oranges, rosehips & gentian root with organic cane sugar.

    Classy Cosmo: 
    Fuse with · gin, vodka, tequila or water.
    Cranberries, oranges, limes & elderberries with organic cane sugar.

    Fancy Pants: 
    Fuse with · gin, vodka, tequila or water
    Oranges, butterfly pea flowers & pine needle with organic cane sugar

    Mulling It Over Mulled Wine: 
    Fuse with · red or white wine.
    Oranges, cranberries, star anise, cloves & cinnamon with organic cane sugar. 

    Toque Time Hot Toddy:
    Fuse with · whisky, rum, cider or water
    Apples, lemons, echinacea, sarsaparilla root & allspice
    seeds with organic cane sugar.

    How to make:
    FILL. Empty package into a jar & add 12oz of vodka or water.
    FUSE. Seal it up & refrigerate for 3 days for maximum flavor.
    SIP.  Shake & strain into 1.5oz shots & top with 3oz sparkling wine, 1oz of sparkling water & ice, stir & enjoy. For a mocktail add 4oz of sparkling water & ice.

    Each infusion package makes 8-10 drinks and contains approximately 5 grams of sugar or 20 calories per serving.  

  • Market Suggested Retail Price - $19.95


Fuse and Sip was born to embrace life's juicy moments. Our handcrafted cocktail and mocktail kits are made with 100% pure ingredients, with no additives just pure simple ingredients for a delicious bar-worthy cocktail or mocktail anywhere.


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