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Microfibre Cloth

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  • Female-led | Community Impact Programs | Sustainable Product Packaging | Cruelty-free ingredients

    Partner with Mamas for Mamas as well as donate to the Tofino and First Nation wellness collective
  • Mint microfibre cloths are multifunctional and made from 100% recycled materials. The best cloths for daily cleaning, doing dishes, dusting and buffing. These superior cleaning cloths are highly absorbent, long lasting and especially great for cleaning glass and mirrors. Professional cleaner approved! Highly durable and machine washable in warm water, tumble dry on low.
    Pack of 3 | 30cmx30cm
  • Market Suggested Retail Price - $9.25


A clean home represents harmony and balance in your life. We are committed to using high quality ingredients that are effective, safe to use, and eco-friendly.

Our mission is to reinvent the ‘cleaning wheel’ to make it more enjoyable, inspiring, and light hearted. As we pursue our passions providing you with quality products and customer service, we invite you to follow along on our journey as we discover new products and cleaning tips and tricks.

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