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Chili Crisp

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  • Original: Monster Crunch Chili Crisp is a roasty, toasty, garlicky, savory, flavor-bomb packed with fried garlic, ginger, onions, two kinds of chilies, peanuts, seaweed, and salt. It’s crunchy, bold, rich, flavorful, and all natural. Use Monster Crunch Chili Crisp to add a little roar to: Pasta,  Pizza, Tacos, Chicken wings, Grilled cheese sando's, Ice cream (yep!) or Plain rice.

    Extra Hot: A delicious, savory, extra spicy version of Monster Crunch with fried garlic, onions, peanuts, chile de arbol, red chiles, ginger, seaweed, salt, and… burnin’ love. Use Monster Crunch Extra Hot to add a little extra roar to:
    Scrambled eggs, Avocado toast, Chili, Chicken noodle soup, Plain rice or Cucumber salad.

    Ingredients: Canola Oil, Onion, Puya Chile, Garlic, Peanuts, Ginger, Seaweed, Red Chile, Salt.
    *Contains Nuts
    *Refrigerate after opening.
  • Market Suggested Retail Price - $15.00


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