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Pet Oil

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    UN SDG Alignment: Good Health and Well Being | Clean Water and Sanitation | Climate Action | Life Below Water | Life on Land
  • Emma's Choice (Small-Medium): Give your furry friends the gift of wellness with our Hemp-Derived CBD Oil.  Crafted with love, this all-natural blend combines CBD-rich hempseed oil and MCT oil to support their coat, skin, and joint health, while also offering a sense of calm for those stressful days. Its quick absorption ensures your pets get the full benefits, keeping them lively and alert. Free from harmful additives, our CBD oil is the pure, safe choice you’ve been looking for. *Perfect for pets under 20lbs! *30ml Bottle with Dropper *For smaller dogs (under 20lbs) *Great starter for hemp extract *Use for cats and dogs *Calming effects. Assists with Pain Relief *Benefits overall health
    30ml | 750mg

    Otto's Choice (Medium-Large): 
    Elevate your large pet’s wellness with our premium Hemp-Derived CBD Oil, specially crafted for pals over 20lbs! This all-natural elixir blends high-quality CBD with hempseed oil with MCT oil, delivering a powerhouse of benefits. Perfect for promoting a shiny coat, supporting joint mobility, and maintaining calmness. With omega fatty acids and antioxidants, it fights free radicals and nurtures overall health. Easy to use and absolutely safe, it’s the wellness boost your big buddy deserves. *30ml Bottle with Dropper *For larger dogs or those who require higher doses *Use for cats and dogs *Calming effects. Assists with Pain Relief *Benefits overall health
    30ml | 1500mg  

    Directions: There are various ways to administer hemp oil to your beloved pet, ensuring they receive its beneficial properties: Mix Directly into the mouth, food, treats or water. 

    Ingredients: Hemp oil, MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglyceride) derived from Coconuts
    *Contains No THC 

  • Market Suggested Retail Price - $36.99-$44.99


The motto is helping others help themselves. That is why the main goal is to remind everyone to focus on their self-care journey by taking the time to indulge in all-natural products that nurture the body. When bringing together the holistic benefits of aromatherapy, and herbs, there is a creation of synchronicities within the body that results in the heightening of the senses: smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing. This is Duo Senses.


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