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Holiday Postcard Chocolate Bars

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  • Female-led | Staff Programs | Sustainable Product Packaging, Sustainable and/or transparent supply chains

  • Spiced Cranberry: 28% White Chocolate. 85g
    Glazed Cherry (vegan): 54.5% Dark Chocolate. 85g
    Butter Rum: 33.6% Milk Chocolate. 85g
    Peppermint Bark: Candy Cane 28% White Chocolate. 85g
    Mandarin: Orange 33.6% Milk Chocolate 85g
    Irish Cream (vegan): Cream Liqueur 54.5% Dark Chocolate 85g
    Gingerbread: 33.6% Milk Chocolate 85g
    Stuffer (vegan): Cinnamon Sugar 60.1% Dark Chocolate 85g
    Happy Holidays: 
    Candy Cane 33.6% Milk Chocolate 85g

  • Market Suggested Retail Price - $11.99


Chocolate is a classic, but it's boring. We make something FUN!

Alicja Confections started in 2015 as a creative outlet. We use classic techniques of chocolate making, but we don’t leave it there. Every chocolate is a new, weird, interesting, funky, delicious flavour you won't normally find anywhere else.


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