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Infusion Cubes

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  • Female Led | Sustainable Product Packaging
  • Made with all 100% pure ingredients. Dehydrated fruit & organic cane sugar. 
    DROP. 1–2 cubes into a glass with a splash of warm water
    MIX. Muddle the cube until it dissolves & add 1–2 shots of your favorite alcohol or
    water and top with 1–2oz sparkling water & ice if desired.
    Sip, Stir & enjoy!

    Moscow Mule: 
    Dried lime, ginger & matcha green tea with
    organic cane sugar. Fuse with: vodka or water
    Dried cranberry & lime with organic cane sugar. Fuse with: vodka, gin,
    tequila or water. 
    Dried grapefruit, lemon & clementine with organic cane sugar. Fuse with champagne or water. 
    Orange Bitter: 
    Dried clementine & gentian root with organic cane sugar. Fuse with: whisky, gin, vodka, tequila, beer, or water.
    6 Cubes - 15g
  • Market Suggested Retail Price - $9.75


Fuse and Sip was born to embrace life's juicy moments. Our handcrafted cocktail and mocktail kits are made with 100% pure ingredients, with no additives just pure simple ingredients for a delicious bar-worthy cocktail or mocktail anywhere.


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