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Free-Spirited Botanical Cocktails

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  • Wild Folk emphasizes ingredients that support a commitment to sustainable development and a low impact on the environment.

    We source local and global integral products, use artisanal quality, fair-trade and hand-harvested when available, and showcase seasonality and locality in all our brews.

    Sustainable Product Packaging | Sustainable and/or transparent supply chains | Good Health and Well Being | Responsible Consumption & Production | Female-led
  • Botanically brewed, zero-proof cocktails ready to drink anytime, anywhere.

    : Notes of ginger, chamomile, coriander, and cinnamon.

    Ingredients: Carbonated water, sugars (cane sugar*), glycerine*, rhubarb*, grapefruit rind*, star anise*, rosehip*, juniper*, orris*, angelica*, orange peel*, orange rind*, spices*, herbs, citric acid, potassium sorbate. *Organic.


    SPARKLING NEGRONI: Notes of rhubarb, grapefruit rind, rosehip, and juniper.

    Ingredients: Carbonated water, sugars (cane sugar*), glycerine*, acerola, ginger, chamomile*, hops*, coriander*, cinnamon*, gentian*, basil, lemon peel*,

    citric acid, orange peel*, spices*, herbs, potassium sorbate. *Organic.

    BEE KNEES: Notes of lemon, honey, red clover, juniper, and peppercorn.
    Ingredients: Mineral water, sugars (honey*), lemon juice, herbs, juniper*,
    spices, grapefruit peel, rosehip*, orange peel, citric acid*, angelica root*, dandelion root*, cinnamon*, elderflower*, red clover flower*. *Organic.
  • Market Suggested Retail Price - $5.50/can


Wild Folk is inspired by foraging and mixology, each sip playfully reminiscent of tradition. From blankets in the park to barstools after dark, these non- alcoholic, playful spins on classic cocktails are meant to evoke lasting memories without compromising a clear head. Locally sourced ingredients and earth-friendly practices keep our small-batches rooted in integrity. It’s an art of mimicry that’s anything but bitter.

What do you get if you mix a chef with a successful restauranteur and entrepreneur with a passion for community and a relentless drive for foraging, herbs, and exquisite flavours? Classic cocktails. Infused with decadently infused, botanical flavours. All of the free-spirited experience. The real liquid confidence.


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